Ok I Admit It, ‘Black Mirror’ Is Badass.

By: Jeff Hornassek

February 1, 2018

I fought the urge as long as I could, but this past weekend I couldn’t resist the pop culture sensation that is ‘Black Mirror’ any longer. Our legal counsel Rony Seikaly finally convinced me (using his lawyer ways) to watch the anthology series on Netflix and promised me that not only would I enjoy it, but I probably wouldn’t leave the house and socialize for the rest of the weekend after watching– he was 2/2 with those predictions.

Season 4 is what I plowed through, and to say I was thoroughly impressed would be a fucking huge understatement. The premise of a series where we look at how shitty we are as people, and then putting a technological spin on each episode, is something I couldn’t look away from. Concepts that are so close to actually being something we see in reality that they actually scare the shit out of you in a totally different way than something like ‘Scream’ or a torture porn type movie in the vein of ‘Jigsaw’.

I need to go back and watch the previous three seasons of the show. Not a want, but a need. I also should probably smash my phone to pieces because based on what I’ve learned the past few days it is most certainly a death machine in some capacity. If you are on Twitter or the Reddit boards talking about this show, you’ll see me soon because my god I need to hear what other people are saying about it. See you out there.


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