‘STAR WARS: The Last Jedi’ Bold Predictions

By: Matt Geiger

December 4, 2017

So before we start there is no way all these things will happen, however I think we can all agree we will get a WTF moment in this film.  Remember even if I go 1/5 I still have the right to be that guy in the theater that yells “called it!”

  1. REY’S FATHER IS…. This theory is the first one talked about and everybody has a good point saying Luke or Obi Wan’s granddaughter.  However, I’m going a different route saying she is related to The Emperor.  Only two reasons I believe this; first, I think it would be too obvious if she was a Skywalker and the other if she was The Emperor’s Kin it would explain her having powers with little to no training.
  2. PRINCESS LEIA WILL DIE- This wouldn’t have been bold months ago before the death of Carrie Fisher, if anything it makes since.  Ford dies in the first, then Fisher in second and Luke in the third.  However, Hollywood has usually taken the stance if somebody dies in real life you shouldn’t kill off their character in the film.  See Fast & Furious 7 with Paul Walker.  However, since this is Star Wars and the trilogy has had a story in mind for years I can see them stick to the script.  This in my opinion could make a lot of people uncomfortable and upset!
  3. KYLO’S TRAINING SCENE W/ SNOKE- In the first third of the movie I believe we will get a Sith training scene between Kylo and Snoke.  However, that’s not the bold prediction; I can see this scene being extremely violent even making you feel sorry for Kylo.  With Snoke beating him within an inch of his life as punishment for his fight with Rey at the end of Awakens!
  4. DEL TORO IS… Toro Ezra from Star Wars Rebels TV Show! Remember Star Wars is with Disney now and Disney has learned with their Marvel properties making Television connect to the films is a huge success! Now Ezra will have a different name because he is a Sith now which they have been teasing in the show.  It’s right in front of our face Del TORO… TORO Ezra!
  5. SNOKE IS THE EMPEROR! Everybody learns something from their master in Star Wars and I believe the Emperor learned how to escape death from Darth Plagueis.  Plagueis wanted to save the loved ones around him which is why Anakin turned, however the Emperor is selfish so it’s not the farfetched to think he taught himself how to survive at the end of Return of the Jedi!

Are we wrong about most of this stuff? Most definitely! Is it still fun as hell to talk about? Of course it is. Can’t wait to see you guys at the movies in a few weeks.

-Matt Gieger

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