5 Things I Want To See In ‘Justice League’

By: Matt Geiger

November 12, 2017

It’s finally here, and ready or not we will all have our 3D glasses on soon with popcorn in our laps. So without further ado, anymore more delay or waiting …… .. ….. .. Here are the five things I want to see in ‘Justice League’!

1. NO GREEN LANTERN: I like Hal Jordan or Stewart as much as the next comic Bro but can we all agree this movie is going to be crowded enough? We still need to formally introduce Commissioner Gordon, Aquaman, Cyborg, Flash & Stephenwolf (Jesus is there really that many hasn’t WB learned anything). So, maybe next movie!

2. Quickly introduce Aquaman, Flash and Cyborg with short origins scenes the way you did in Suicide Squad. I personally think that movie sucked, however how they handled introducing all the characters was brilliant. Once you build up the origins and make us care the next hour and a half can be building the team and the conflict.
3. A villain uncredited cameo that sets up another movie. I thought we were going to get this with Deathstroke however, that was 3 Batman writers ago. I personally think they need to take this opportunity to build up the Aquaman movie they have coming out next year. Possibly a Manta cameo!
4. Keep the dead Robin story going as what’s haunting Bruce! Affleck is going to hang up his cape soon so we need Nightwing & Redhood to be a huge reveal in the years to come! Hopefully they keep teasing this the as Marvel did Thanos.
5. SUPERMAN in the fucking BLACK SUIT! Yes, I’m conflicted because I wanted way more Clark Kent at the planet but after his death in BVS it wouldn’t make sense! So, turn him evil and give me Injustice!
See you guys at the theater this week!
-Matt Geiger

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