5 Things I Want/Need To See In “Thor: Ragnarok”

By: Jeff Hornassek

October 30, 2017

Many parts of the world have already gotten to see the latest MCU installment “Thor: Ragnarok”, and I could attack them with jealousy. It drops stateside this week, and obviously your boy is going to see it soon as hell. Before we get transported back to Asgard, and to Sakaar for the first time, I made a quick list of the shit I want to see in what I believe is the final Thor solo film.

ODIN DIES – If you’re sick like me and you’ve been following all the social media buzz (as well as the post credit scene in “Doctor Strange”) then you know Odin does in fact return in this film SPOILERS as a homeless person on Earth seemingly having lost his memory by way of Loki’s magic. With this presumably being the end of Asgard, and the solo Thor movie trilogy, what better way to make us feel the stakes than also make it the end of the All Father? Plus how many more times is Anthony Hopkins going to be game to play this role?

HELA IS THE MCU VERSION OF LADY DEATH – I won’t even pretend like this is a theory I thought of, but if you’ve read the comics you know the Mad Titan Thanos is on his quest to gather all the Infinity Stones and destroy the universe to impress Lady Death who he definitely wants to get with. With that character seemingly not being a part of the MCU, and Hela conveniently being the Goddess of Death, why not introduce her as the capable replacement, and Thanos motivation this entire time to kill anything and everything?

BETA RAY BILL – A dude with a half axe, half hammer and a horse head who has the same powers as Thor…count me in. Is his name ridiculous? Yes. Do I care? No I do not.

LOKI MAKES THE TURN TO ANTI-HERO – We’ve seen Loki dip his toe into the waters of good at times in the MCU. He was reluctantly a villain after being exiled from Asgard. We saw in the leaked trailer for “Avengers: Infinity War” that he will have some run in with Thanos involving the Tessarect, but to end his through line with his brother Thor I’d love to see a character turn with him finally showing some of the anti-hero traits that make his character so interesting. Give Hiddleston a little meat on the bone as any scene with he and Hemsworth is worth the price of admission.

A VERY EXPLICIT TEE UP FOR INFINITY WAR – With Black Panther being the final MCU film to come out before “Infinity War”, and it mostly serving as an origin story without much cosmic tie in, the weight of leading into “Infinity War” is largely on “Ragnarok’s” shoulders. I’ve read that the film begins with Thor investigating wtf is going on with the Infinity Stones, and we know that the Grandmaster played by Jeff Goldblum is the brother of Benicio Del Toro’s The Collector. This has a chance to be one of the top three after credit scenes in the MCU, and I’m already jacked thinking about this possibility.

Let me know your thoughts, and if you think I’m a total idiot. See you guys at the movies!


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