Is Barstool Sports The Next Big Thing?

By: Matt Geiger

October 24, 2017

As a movie podcast that drinks and cusses on the air, it’s no secret we love Barstool and model a lot of our style after them.  After the recent news that ESPN has canceled the Barstool Van Talk after one fucking episode this question needs to be asked….

Can Barstool Sports become the next ESPN?  Not the political views, anthem protesting ESPN we know right now, but the one 29 year olds like me remember our father’s talking about as a way to consume sports.  Now I understand that times have changed and with YouTube and every team having their own radio station or podcast, highlight shows are basically over.  Everybody is overlooking one very important aspect in what people want in their content which is HUMOR!!! SportsCenter wasn’t just a highlight show, it was funny–much like The Best Damn Sports Show Period which superseded it.  These days I laugh because I can’t believe Sam Ponder wants us to forget her looks and take her seriously for her journalism, or just when I see how big of a tool can Stephen A Smith be.  These jokes are sadly not intended for the worldwide leader in sports.

So, we all know that ESPN sucks ass, but why Barstool? What would make them marketable?  Well, let me ask you another question; who used to consume ESPN back in 1995 and are those people still around?  Answer; it was the bro in college that wanted to skip his Friday classes to get high in his dorm room and watch something sports related.  It’s the fresh out of college guy that had to work late and wants to go home and drink a beer and laugh because his life sucks.  These people are still out there; I’m one of them. Mmy podcast brothers are also, however according to the ratings ESPN is not attracting any of these people!

So how could Barstool expand to become a worldwide juggernaut? Well, in my opinion they are in good hands with Dave Portnoy running the ship.  They already moved to New York and have tripled in size.  In the future it would be awesome if they could do color commentary for real college games.  I would stay up late on a Thursday and watch them call a WAC football game drunk!  Also, perhaps picking up a movie podcast and yes this is our RESUME! Their following is growing and is made up of mostly men 18-40 that want to drink beer, laugh and talk/look at hot women, but hey that business model never works! HOLY SHIT ESPN IS HOOTERS and BARSTOOL is the new BREASTAURANTS that have younger and sluttier chicks, NO WONDER THEIR STOCK IS GROWING!

-Matt Gieger

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