Our ‘Oceans 14’ Plot

By: Matt Geiger

October 13, 2017

This blog is for anybody who isn’t too excited about Sandra Bullock’s ‘Oceans 8’ spinoff coming out next summer. The question is how could we have a straight sequel to ‘Oceans 13’? Keep reading and I’ll tell you! So if you love ‘The Hangover’ and think ‘Bridesmaids’ is just ok this is for YOU!

So if ‘Catch Me If You Can’ taught us anything it’s that if you’re a great criminal you don’t go to jail you work for the government. Well this movie starts with Danny Ocean working for a Vegas casino making sure the place doesn’t get robbed. The owners could be Elliott (Gould) and Terry Benedict (Garcia) with other, not all, member of Oceans team working for the casino.
The twist is that Rusty (Pitt) didn’t agree with Danny working for the casino so he’s still doing jobs with Basher and Livingston. However, he has one last job in mind which is to knock over the Vegas casino that Danny Ocean is at but he’s going to need a bigger team!
Enter the new blood! I was thinking Ryan Reynolds, Chris Pratt, Zac Efron, Donald Glover and Daisy Ridley! Which could be the cast they could move on with if they want to do sequels.  Pitt hires them for the job and they get to work setting up a Rusty vs Danny movie for the summer of 2020! A great line could be when Danny finds out what Rusty is up to and Rusty says, “remember Danny we said we would play this game like we had nothing to lose” and Danny could respond “even if it’s losing our friendship?”
The ending is up for debate, however I would like it all to be a test; set up by Elliott, Benedict, Rusty & Ocean to train these new hires because they want to take down the entire Vegas Strip and need a monster team to do it. So the whole heist scene is just the new blood acting as mice in Oceans maze and if they make it out they are offered to join the team!
-Matt Gieger

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