‘Justice League’ will make or break comic book movies.

By: Matt Geiger

October 9, 2017

Listen up all Marvel & DC fans!!! I know we don’t always see eye to eye on tone and acting choices but we need to put aside our differences because something may be on the horizon that isn’t good! If Justice League flops it could be the end of the DCEU and Marvel will be next!  True comic fans will most likely see any movie with a superhero in it; however, Hollywood doesn’t make their millions off you they make them off the 4 person household with a husband, wife and two kids that want to be entertained on a weekend.  In short, they see all comic movies as a whole not a DC vs Marvel battle, so if they see 3 bad films in a row (2 DCEU and 1 Fox) they are going to assume the next Marvel movie will follow suit!

Next, I would like you to close your eyes and go back 10 years ago to a place where Blockbuster’s and video stores were the shit.  Remember walking in and seeing all the genres…. Comedy, Action, Adult (I’m just looking!) and Western.  Wait a second; Western?! Yes, that used to be a GENRE but it died because of over population and bad scripts.  If we are not careful this Superhero/Comic Genre will meet the same demise!

This year (2017) has had the most superhero movies of any year before it and in this podcasts’ opinion, so far none have disappointed.  However, this is also a very dangerous time for the Big 3 movie franchises.  First, there is Fox; now Logan was fantastic but it was the ending so now all they have is a Dark Phoenix movie that nobody wanted.  On the other side they have Deadpool, which even if the sequel is ok are they really going to make six of them?  DC is a mess with no direction and Marvel is at its peak and then they are going to reboot everything.  However, what if the reboot isn’t as good as the original? Let’s be honest Marvel has set a pretty high bar that even they will have trouble getting over.

In closing, there should be no sides anymore we are all comic book fans and we should root for each franchise to succeed.  Because if not, we will all be like our grandpa’s watching these movies 20 years from now saying they don’t make ‘em like this anymore!

-Matt Geiger

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