BRO…Wanna start a Podcast?

BY: Matt Geiger

October 2nd, 2017

I’m sure this has come up with any group of friends while at dinner or drinking at a bar.  Well, since we just celebrated our one year anniversary of our podcast we wanted to share our experiences.

First, if you are creating a podcast to get rich off YouTube or AdCents think again.  It takes a long time to even make a dollar through YouTube; 10,000 views to be exact.  However, if you are like us that enjoy getting drunk and talking superheroes, movies and superhero movies, then it can be a ton of fun.  All we want is for somebody that is having a bad day to turn us on and laugh!

YOUTUBE: This is where every video ever is stored which creates a good news bad news scenario.  Good news, it doesn’t cost anything to put a video on YouTube. Bad news is there are millions of video’s on YouTube so you are swimming in an ocean.  The best way to get started is to create your own fan base through….

TWITTER: This is awesome because if you are podding about sports or movies like us you can tweet directly at the movie studios, actors or like minded individuals.  However, you must tweet out things that have no connection to your podcast.  The last thing we want to be is click bait, so tweeting out funny meme’s and other things of that nature is a quick way to gain followers.  You then can also tweet out your YouTube videos and blogs to grow your….

WEBSITE: Now this unfortunately does cost money, but only around $10 per year.  Having your own website is huge for a couple of reasons.  First, it has ONLY your content unlike YouTube and it gives you a way to track visitors and where those visitors come from.  This gives you an overview on what is working and what’s not. Lastly, DRINK BEER ON AIR AND HAVE FUN!

-Matt Geiger

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