The Curse Of The Cape

By: Matt Geiger

September 13, 2017

For young actors/actress you have to have the look and talent to make it in Hollywood, and it seems like today if you want to stay at the top you must also be a superhero.  This is purely talking about the MCU, DCEU and whatever the hell Fox references their shit mess as. However, this brings up a question; do audiences’ forget about you when you leave that franchise? I’m going to show you some examples where this was exactly the case:

SPIDERMAN- TOBEY MAGUIRE & KIRSTEN DUNST – During their time with the franchise they stared in huge movies such as Bring It On and ‘Seabiscuit’.  Now, they are forgotten in Hollywood. Tobey’s contribution to film this year was doing voice acting on the animated film ‘Boss Baby’, while Dunst has been busy with ‘Midnight Special’.

BATMAN- TIM BURTON – Probably one of, if not the hottest director in the late 80’s early 90’s with his two Batman projects, ‘Beetlejuice’, ‘Sleepy Hollow’ etc, but now he is a joke! Not blaming him for leaving Batman since WB wanted to go a different direction a la the “Bat Nipples”.  Since ‘Batman Returns’ however he has lost his edge.  Latest films include ‘Dark Shadows’, ‘Frankenweenie’ and shitty Disney remakes.

HULK- EDWARD NORTON– This is an interesting one because he was huge before signing on with Marvel with such movies as ‘American History X’ and ‘Fight Club’.  After Bruce Banner though, he hasn’t done shit. He had a small role in ‘Birdman’ and was in a shitty Will Smith movie…. The curse continues!

BATMAN – CHRISTIAN BALE– As Batman he was also linked to roles in movies such as ‘The Prestige’, ‘The Fighter’, ‘3:10 to Yuma’, and ‘Public Enemies’…. Lose the cape and he did well for awhile but in the last two years he has not been in or even been linked to any movie worth watching.  This one may be a little premature however; he’s two years away from being a ghost!

So, there you have it and to take it a step farther keep an eye on Hugh Jackman and actors who die at the end of Infinity War such as Downey Jr. to see if their careers are cursed!

-Matt Geiger

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