“The Fast and the Furious” and “Point Break” are the same movie!

By: Matt Geiger

August 19, 2017

Fast And The Furious & Point Break Are The Same Movie

I’m talking about the first F&F and the original ‘Point Break’, and don’t worry I broke it up into sections for ya bro!

  1. The Most Wanted Villian– This would be Dom(Vin Diesel) & Brodhi (Swayze)in their respective films.  First, each villain must not only be a robber, but also have a cool ass hobby to go alone with it.  Brodhi robs banks and surfs, while Dom robs semi trucks full of DVD players and drag races.  Next and most importantly our villain must use philosophy in his hobby to relate it to how his lives his life! 
  2. The FBI Agent– Now most people would think of a straight laced guy that is by the book, but not in these franchises! No let’s make them as bro as fucking possible.  Ladies keep your skirts down while I introduce you to Brian O’Connor(Walker) & Johnny Utah(Reeves).  Both characters will not only go under cover with the villain, but they will become best friends with them.  
  3. CORONA EXTRA– Not much to say here except in both movies you either drink Corona or go sober which is awesome! 
  4. Fat FBI Partner– Gary Busey, Thom Barry…nuff said
  5. The Love InterestThey both work at a shitty food shack on the beach.  Couldn’t find the Lori Petty scene on YouTube, but you know it’s true.
  6. The FBI Agent Finally Catches the Villain then lets him go…. Wait WTF? and WTF again? 
  7. Last Line in the Movie –  Vaya Con Dios vs. 10 Second Car 

-Matt Geiger

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