5 Movies I’m Surprised Hollywood Hasn’t Made Yet

By: Matt Geiger

August 10, 2017

We’ve all seen these “click bait” articles where people make you scroll through a billion ads to get their lists. This is the Bro Force Squad, and we don’t do that trash. Here’s what we’ve got for you:

  1. An R Rated ‘DOUG’ Comedy– In Episode 28 of our podcast Jeff cast this movie.  For 27-30 year olds this show was part of our childhood along with many other Nickelodeon masterpieces.  To make this a dirty comedy makes even more sense than 21 Jump Street, which is a show more directed at my dad’s generation who doesn’t even know who Channing Tatum is.
  1. John Lennon Movie– After ‘Walk The Line’ made it huge I thought this movie was the next step.  I could see them touching on The Beatles in their early years, but more of a plot that would focus on the documentary ‘The United States vs. John Lennon‘.  Any movie about the Vietnam War is interesting; then throw in one of the biggest rock stars ever and have Jared Leto play him…. Oscar nom!
  1. Gargoyles Live Action – Comic Book and 90’s cartoon action heroes are red hot right now so why hasn’t this franchise been green lit? Now it should be DARK! Either rated R or a hard PG-13 and with 3D and IMAX being all the rage this movie would be a ton of fun to watch in a theater!
  1. Julius Caesar – I thought this would happen a couple years ago with ‘300 ‘and ‘Troy’ hitting it huge.  However, this is a film that I believe could get a director an Oscar and somehow it still hasn’t made it to screen.  I’m well aware this is a film made back in the 50’s however, with this story so well known we need it to hit theaters in this millennium with a big budget and big name actors.
  1. A Western Universe– With the MCU, DCEU, and hell even a Monster-verse, why don’t we have a slate of four or five Western’s that all connect? Now, this could either be real Western heroes such as Billy “The Kid” and Jesse James, or just a bunch of different stories that connect.  There is still money here and many actors have been on record saying that playing a cowboy is fun.  So let’s make it happen

What do you guys think? Anything we’re totally missing on this list, or any of these ideas that you think would be an abomination if they actually happened? Let us know your thoughts.

-Matt Geiger

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