WTF happened to Karate in movies?

By: Matt Geiger

August 3, 2017

Honestly…. WTF happened to Karate?!

As a kid of the 90’s in my younger days you could always find me in my living room round house kicking my stuffed bear in the face to save the girl. Now instead of karate getting you pussy your just called a pussy for doing it.
Let’s talk about some movies/shows that karate was the only fight style allowed… Roadhouse, TMNT, Power Rangers, Mortal Kombat, 3 Ninja’s & the Karate Kid. Also, the last time I heard someone say “black belt” was my wife and it was because I was wearing brown shoes.
So WTF happened? How are we here in 2017 where villains in movies don’t wear denim, have a pony tail and use karate. In my opinion it’s all Jason David Frank’s fault. When I was 9 I thought he was god; karate , pony tail and gets to bang Kimberly? What more can you ask for, but now he has short hair and does MMA. Without a leader to embody what it means to be cool with your hair tied in a knot we will all perish.
-Matt Geiger

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