How awesome is Hall H?

By: Jeff Hornassek

July, 17, 2017

It’s that time of year again…nerd Christmas. We already saw some of the awesomeness with D23 taking place this past week (although clearly Marvel was saving their load for SDCC ’17) and now we prepare for the ultimate event in any geeks year: San Diego ComicCon.

I’ve wanted to go for about a decade, but could never pull it off whether it be due to the cost, or my schedule with school and/or work. This year in particular I’m envious of those of you who get to go, because a presentation from both Marvel and DC is set up to be the most epic we’ve ever seen. If you listen to our podcast you know that I am an advocate of both sides of the aisle in the Marvel vs. DC debate, and in fact am actively trying to stop the fan venom back and forth. With ‘Justice League’ and ‘Avengers: Infinity War’ set to show footage this year, I have to ask those of you who have been to ComicCon before, how awesome is Hall H?

If you’re unaware, Hall H is the largest assembly hall at the San Diego Convention Center where each year the biggest reveals are made by the respective studios putting out their superhero films. We have the epic unveiling of the ‘BVS’ logo a few years ago when we were ready to sacrifice our first born for just a glimpse of footage. We had Marvel announcing their epic slate of films up through ‘Infinity War’ and it’s yet to be titled sequel that set the world on fire. This year promises to be perhaps the most exciting and revealing of all with the two biggest superhero movies of all time giving us something.

I’d love to hear your guys stories of attending SDCC, and if you haven’t been before, let’s make plans to go as bros and nerds and meet up soon because it’s definitely on my bucket list. Thanks guys, and remember to never stop getting excited about this stuff because it’s what makes staying young at heart so great.


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