Why I Enjoy A “Good, Bad Movie”

By: Jeff Hornassek
June 20, 2017
One of my favorite things about cinema, is the concept of the “good, bad movie”. Basically a movie that is not a masterpiece, but is bad in ways that make it inherently charming or hilarious and as a result fun to watch. Recently The Ringer published this article with their 50 Best Good Bad Movies, and it got me thinking about the subject.
Let’s not mince words, there are movies so bad that they are impossible to enjoy. Whether they are campy pieces of shit (Batman and Robin) or just absolute trainwrecks of a movie (Identity) the premise of a good, bad film is one with some redeeming quality that doesn’t piss you off every time you go to watch it. The list The Ringer put out is especially interesting as there are a few movies I find myself to legitimately like, and I think I need you all to tell me if I’m crazy.
Let’s set the baseline here for some context. Movies on this list like “Cellular” and “You Got Served” are definitely what I see as the quintessential good, bad movie. Films that are stupid, but not to the point of making you constantly roll your eyes, but allowing you to enjoy them by not taking them too seriously. Basically these are movies that you can get drunk with your friends and pretend you love to make for a fun debate. Now the two movies in question that I very much view as good movies (albeit not on the level of like “Gladiator” or “The Dark Knight”) are “Fast and Furious: Tokyo Drift” and “Bad Boys 2”.
Tell me what’s wrong with those two movies?? Okay I see you pulling out a notepad with sixteen pages of notes. I’ve always seen “Tokyo Drift” as criminally underrated, even with Lucas Black’s horrific performance. I’ve been on record on the pod as saying I would die for this film, and I stand by that. Han is incredibly layered and endearing, the film actually revolves around street racing, and the stakes are very high, while being personal and not “end of the worldy” like the following films. “Bad Boys 2” is in my opinion Michael Bay’s greatest achievement. Incredible action set pieces centered around a crime thriller that places the two main characters at a crossroads both in their relationship with each other, and their investigation. Also it’s maybe the only time in my life that Martin Lawrence made me laugh.
Let us know your thoughts on good, bad movies, and if I’m sounding like a total idiot don’t hesitate to tell me. Thanks guys!

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