Make Beer Fun Again…With Superheroes!

By: Matt Geiger

June 7, 2017

As you know on our podcast we like two things superheroes and beer! So I had an epiphany to put them together! Before we start the date is May 31 2017, I state that because this has an opportunity to make a beer company A TON of money. So, I would like my cut if that happens…..

We develop 4 types of beers to appeal to a wide range of drinkers (Lager, IPA, Amber & Porter). Next we give a character to each of these beers with a back story. LAGER- Tim Lager who goes by the hero name Lightning; when he was a boy he got struck by lightning and was thought to be dead. However, the lightning made him have super speed. Ivan Pierre Andre (IPA) or Bulldozer; he was a scientist trying to cure himself of cancer with bull blood. The cure worked but now he is jacked and extremely strong. Amber Heard or Vixen (AMBER) she is a former Spartan princess that has incredible fighting powers and cannot die. Vincent PORTER or The Blind Mask- he has the ability to transform into any person without super powers.
Now the most important thing about these back stories is we put them in a small comic book. That way when consumers buys the case of beer the comic book is inside with that beers origin story!
A hero is only as good as the villians they have to battle right? First off we have Quirlin (STOUT beer)- a old wizard from the midieval times he has the power to control people’s age. Being Vixen’s villain he can’t kill her but he can make her weak and old enough to injure badly.  Doulbe Bulldozer (DOUBLE IPA) – yep Ivan Pierre Andre messed up in his lab and grew an extra head, making him mad and a villain! Once again the comic books are inside the case of beer with that beers origin story!
Why will this marketing work? When we were kids I remember eating a ton of cereal just so I could get the prize at the bottom. Kids today are on iPads and that’s fine because we are not selling beer to kids we are selling beer to adults! Adults who will have this type of marketing remind them of their childhood which makes it FUN! Just like a movie franchise this could go on for several more phases… What if Lightning and Vixen have a child with super powers? If Quirlin can control age are their other heros out there he could bring back? Let your imagination be the guide for PHASE 3!

-Matt Geiger

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