DC, Marvel, and Fox…our three bold predictions

By: Matt Geiger

May 21, 2017

MARVEL Everything Must Go– It really doesn’t matter what they end up calling the second ‘Infinity War’ because we all know what happens; heroes will die! The question is who and I’m here to say it should be every last one! Now this leaves us with the question after all of this does Thanos really win? The answer is NO! There is only one person who can stop Thanos at the end and it’s the person in every movie, Stan Lee. It doesn’t matter if he is the Watcher or some character they make up but him being the ending to all these films would show balls!

DC: “It’s simply really we kill the Batman– This is bold because to my knowledge it has never been done before in any movie or tv show only the comics. First off, Batfleck can’t get in this shape forever and it’s only a matter of time before the WB bullshit gets old. Also, I would finally like to see Dick Grayson & Jason Todd lead a franchise; it would be an exciting fresh take that we haven’t seen on the big screen. Finally, think about how much press it would get, like Hulk Hogan turning heel to the NWO nobody would see this coming!

FOX and the X Men: Burn it down and start the rebuild- Does anybody really want to see Dark Phoenix (again) and Sophie Turner take another swing at an American accent? Just end with Logan it was perfect, do two more Deadpool movies and in the summer of 2021 drop a totally new X-Men reboot! Stay true to the comics and do the original 4 and don’t cast a Wolverine until at least the third film, hell you can even tease The Fantastic 4 in a post credit scene. Have a plan for the next 10 summers so the story lines make sense! As this clip will show you Fox has a hard time letting some things die!

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-Matt Geiger

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