Comic Book Movies Are Just Getting Started

By: Jeff Hornassek
April 27, 2017

Dig in, cuz I’m throwing the hot fire right at you with this one.

We keep hearing the term “super hero fatigue” thrown around to describe the incredibly popular genre of films that have dominated the box office for the better part of the last decade. While skeptics want to further the narrative that the casual fan drives tentpole films to success, it has been proven out over time that genre films with a built in fan base have the legs to produce incredible numbers at the box office.
I know the easy comparison to make is to the classic Westerns of the 60’s that seemed like they would be around forever. The likes of John Wayne and Clint Eastwood were crushing ass, and seemed to have created a permanently viable type of films that would be here forever. So what’s the difference between those, and the modern day super hero movie? Why will the likes of the Justice League and The Avengers still be gracing our screens (albeit with different casts at some point) a decade from now, when the cowboy flicks our parents grew up with bit the dust?
Simple answer: the mythology behind it. As a child of the 90’s (best decade ever sorry I’m not sorry) I grew up reading DC and Marvel comics, and idolizing the Ninja Turtles long before these films were becoming annual engagements at the movie theater. The story lines to choose from and adapt to screen will never run out, and the talent both in front of and behind the camera that is involved in these films is just insanely impressive.
If you’re rooting against Comic Book and Genre films….how dare you! I hope you enjoy them as much as I do as they keep us rooted in our childhood, and are just freaking awesome to watch while you shove popcorn into your face.

2 thoughts on “Comic Book Movies Are Just Getting Started

  1. Good post. The term “super hero fatigue” is
    an invention of the media to drive a slow
    news day and an attempt to foment a
    backlash that doesn’t exist. Hardcore fans
    always provide the bulk of the box office for these films through initial and repeat viewings. Those fans aren’t getting tired anytime soon. As far as the comparison to
    westerns is concerned, westerns ruled the
    screen for four decades and found new life
    for two decades on the small screen. However, if I’m here in four decades, I’m sure I’ll be going to see Marvel’s Avengers:
    Secret Invasion and Justice League: Final Crisis. Hope to see all of us there.


    1. Very well said man. I honestly loved Westerns myself, and still go support them in theaters. Like you said, what gives these movies legs is the repeat viewings, which I feel like the tentpole comic book films will always have going for them.


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