The Superhero Movie Contract

By: Matt Geiger

April 15, 2017

Josh Brolin is now Thanos, and Cable as of this week!

Very exciting news for fans of both franchises having such a great actor representing them but it got me thinking.  How close are we to having non-compete contracts with movie studios?   Or more particular superhero franchises such as Marvel.  Now I’m not a big fan of this but just for fun let’s see how it would play out.

PROS: We would never have the same actor playing Batman, Wolverine, Spiderman and more up and coming actors would get these roles.  In my opinion it’s better having a Chris Hemsworth leading your franchise than a Ben Affleck, simply because Hemsworth is more invested in the role. We have all heard the rumors Affleck wants out.  Also, since the contracts would have to be very closely negotiated on both sides perhaps we won’t get as many half ass attempts at movies and reboots since they would have to take their time.


CONS: Basically this would make movies studios like the NCAA which none of us want.  If you sign a non-compete to be Hulk for the next 8 years you may only get one solo movie and a bunch of one scene roles.  Also, we would have to determine what exactly a superhero movie is; does Hancock count?  This is where studios would really become assholes if they didn’t want their main actor to make an appearance in a DC film for example.

All in all I do like how things are, however I don’t want to see Samuel L. Jackson in Star Wars, Batman, New Mutants and Infinity War all in one summer either!

-Matt Geiger

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