Four Bold Predictions For The 2017 Movie Season

By: Matt Geiger

February 27, 2017

  1. LOGAN WILL BE THE BEST SUPERHERO MOVIE OF 2017– Last year while everybody else was fighting over BVS & Civil War, in my opinion Fox won the year with February’s Deadpool. I believe they will go two years in a row with Logan.  Saving the best for first, on March 3rd we will all see if I’m correct.  Hugh Jackman has been fantastic since 2000 in the role of Wolverine and I believe this will be his best performance yet.
  2. JUSTICE LEAGUE WILL BE A COMPLETE MESS– Easy… before you call me a Marvel “Fanboy”, I’m as big of DC fan as anybody. However, let’s look at the facts (not rumors)… They have to tell multiple stories since we have 5 heroes in the film.  Of those hero’s, three of them we have not met at all with Aquaman, Flash and Cyborg (the BVS scene doesn’t count).  Lastly, Warner Brothers is the main voice and although they have done some DC films well, their record with multiple villains or heroes in the same movie is less than stellar.
  3. SPIDERMAN WILL TAKE THE PLACE OF IRONMAN– With Homecoming hitting theaters this summer, I believe Spiderman will take his rightful place on top the Marvel mountain. Let’s be honest Ironman was a B+ player at best in the comics before the first movie came out.  Holland is young, the movie is set in high school, and most importantly the villain! Michael Keaton is going to make this kid look great and this is a great time for Marvel to finally show everybody they can get villains right!
  4. PIRATES 5 WILL BE THE BEST PIRATES EVER! – Yes I’m drunk, however I do believe this. I agree the last two movies have not been up to standards but I’m going to support my claim with two reasons. First: Javier Bardem is the villain and need I say more! Lastly: Disney owns Pirates and they also own stake in Marvel, so for the last couple of years they have been in the kitchen to see the recipe that has worked for all of these great superhero films.  They take a page out of Marvel’s playbook and make a great summer blockbuster!


All we can do now is wait, watch & see!!


-Matt Geiger

3 thoughts on “Four Bold Predictions For The 2017 Movie Season

  1. You have been drinking. The first two will come true, I think spiderman will get lost in the inundation from all the other marvel movies, and lastly the pirates franchise has been coasting on past victories. I believe they will phone in this movie also.


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