Are the Oscars still cool? 

By: Jeff Hornassek

February 10, 2017

I find myself asking that question the past three or four years. Don’t get me wrong, I wouldn’t know a well made film if it hit me right in the face. I’ve never taken a film class, and when I used to use my moms camcorder to film my brothers basketball games the best shots I got were of the floor or the back of the lens cap.
I’m admittedly one of those “guilty pleasure” type movie goers. Obviously this pod focuses primarily on genre film, but we like to take the occasional dabble into more standard movies to work out our mostly unused brain muscles, and analyze the movies that have cultural significance in this day and age. This Oscar season though, I found myself impressed, yet also depressed. The modern Oscar film has a formula that is starting to mirror that of a superhero film, and it’s one of a morose coming of age story that causes you to leave the movie needing a hug.
I have to credit this years crop of nominated films with a special tip of the cap to the direction. Denzel Washington absolutely crushed it behind the camera for ‘Fences‘, and Damien Chazelle’s work on ‘La La Land‘ made me realize how much Michael Bay really does suck.
 What I really want to know however, is what you all think. Am I on an island by myself and should be burned at the stake for accusing these films and filmmakers of being pretentious? Or is Jeff Hornassek (yes I referred to myself in the third person like I’m Ricky Henderson) perhaps onto something for once in his life. Sound off in the comments, or Facebook or Twitter to let me know. Thanks peeps.

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