Star Wars – More like the FIFA World Cup, or the Super Bowl?

By: Matt Geiger

November 29, 2016

Before we all get a nice buzz and watch Rogue One in 3D on opening night, I would like to get something off my chest that is bothering me.  In short, I think it is dangerous for the Disney/Star Wars franchise to have movies come out every year like a Marvel/DC movie.  I liked it better when a Star Wars movie was every four years like a FIFA World Cup and not the Super Bowl (every year).

Now, I’m a two sides of the coin person so first I’d like to talk about the Pros of having a Star Wars movie every year.   The main point is obviously money and competition.  Marvel/DC is coming out with not only one movie, but sometimes as much as three in a year.  There might be talks at Disney headquarters that if a Star Wars movie doesn’t come out every year they may become irrelevant which in my opinion is ludicrous.

The other side of the coin is having a Star Wars movie then a 3-4 year layoff.  This is what they did with the originals, prequels (probably a bad example) and hell even Nolan’s Batman’s had years before the next one hit theaters.  Need more pros to staggering these films? THEY HAVE TIME TO GET THE SCRIPT RIGHT! Many things can be rushed during filming; story writing and dialogue are not one of those things.  Another pro is anticipation. In other words the waiting is the best part of the movie experience!  To summarize, I don’t like soccer but I love watching the World Cup, however if it was every year I wouldn’t care.  Bring the anticipation back to our movies!

-Matt Geiger

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