The MCU Is Badass

By: Jeff Hornassek

October 22, 2016

The Marvel Cinematic Universe has changed not only the landscape of comic book movies, but genre films in general by introducing the concept of the shared universe. in 2008 when Kevin Feige and company started Marvel Studios, and the production of their first film, a small indy production you might have heard of called “Iron Man“, they had a vision of emulating what takes place in the comic books we all love to read because they’re effing awesome.
In the comics (both DC and Marvel) the concept of all these characters existing in one universe with connecting and interweaving narratives is a large part of what makes the stories so fun to enjoy. Reading a Hulk comic knowing that Spiderman could pop in, or a story set in Gotham City that can feature a villain using weapons from LexCorp. This was an idea thought to be near impossible for the movies and television to duplicate based on the immense budgets, and creative minds involved in each respective project not usually willing to compromise aspects of their project for the greater good.

Almost nine years after the creation of the Marvel Universe, not only has it been a success, but it has now expanded to the Marvel Television properties run by Jeph Loeb. With the DCEU emulating this model with their very well known stable of characters I don’t think there is any argument that this is the future of movies. Even Universal Pictures is getting in on the act with a shared Monsters Universe (god help us all) that we will see next Summer when Tom Cruise battles the Mummy on our screens nationwide. I think we can all agree that as fans of comic book movies, we are living in the golden age. Let’s enjoy it Bros!


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