Casting A Wide Net In Superhero Movies

By: Matt Geiger

October 22, 2016

I’m not going to mince words today. I’ve been losing sleep with some casting ideas for both the DCEU and the MCU, and I wanted to see what my fellow Bros opinions were on a few suggestions. There are three people who I have identified as good candidates to fit into the respective cinematic universe’s, and I’ve taken the liberty of even suggesting a role for them. Come on Warner Brothers and Marvel, I’m doing your job for you here…

Jake Gyllenhall

His work in “Southpaw” is right on par with Affleck in “The Town”, which was the one reason I backed him being Batman. Jake shows that he can go dark or be a Downey Jr. type in “Love & Other Drugs”. In my opinion he would be a perfect Jason Todd (Red Hood) in a future Affleck directed Batman film.

Jon Hamm

If the rumor at Marvel is true and they are breaking the whole thing down to build it back up again post “Infinity War”,  then my boy Jon Hamm would make a fantastic Tony Stark in the new Marvel Universe. Always thought he would do a great job as such characters; Harvey Dent, Bruce Banner or Dr. Hugo Strange. He is the definition of a complete actor.

Ryan Gosling

John Constantine …. For the love of god please! John Constantine: Justice League Dark Movie. Ryan was rumored to be up for the Joker in Suicide Squad before they went with Leto.   This is a real consideration since he needs a couple blockbusters to put on his resume.

-Matt Geiger

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