Aisle 9

By: Matt Geiger

October 18, 2016

During childhood my Dad ran a grocery store and every Monday my mom took me there to get the weekly groceries.  To this day I still hate grocery shopping and try to do it as quickly as possible, however I had to find a way to pass the time. It wasn’t long until my curiosity led me to look down aisle 9.

This was the aisle where all the comic books were located.  Once my mom parked the car I sprinted inside and headed toward aisle 9.  As I satt Indian style learning about how Bane broke Batman’s back, teamwork, and how to take care of a bully at school. I found myself in my own world from the time I was four until the store shut down around my eleventh birthday.

Everyone has something that reminds them of when they were kids; something that reminds them of a simpler time where life was so easy.  I challenge everyone reading this, the next time you are really stressed out, grab a comic, sit Indian style and imagine you are down your aisle 9.


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