Bro Force Squad Begins

By: Jeff Hornassek

October 17, 2016

What is the Bro Force Squad? A group of Bros, divided across the country, but united by their love for Superheros, Movies, and Superhero Movies. Creating a podcast, becoming a symbol  for the Bros out there who need to vent and celebrate over every cinematic and television triumph that we see.

The term “fan boy” or “nerd” is thrown around these days quite often, and we embrace the term. You need to be able to chest up to anyone who tries to come at you claiming that these are things to be ashamed of.

We know we still have a lot to learn, but with the help of our fellow Bros we know we will get there. The goal of this Podcast isn’t to become rich enough to one day afford a trip to Westworld, but just to share our thoughts on the exciting world of Movies and Television we live in.

Join us, and as always, keep Bro’ing out.


One thought on “Bro Force Squad Begins

  1. Love the show! Keep it up Bros and have a beer for me. Keep
    Putting out good content and I look forward to all your shows every week! The commentaries are the best!

    Liked by 1 person

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